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Spock.com - Live long and prosper?

Over the last few months I have been playing around with the social network aggregator Spock.  In the usual Web 2.0 style, they are still in beta.  Another Web 2.0 service you say, why should I even play with this or what is it good for?  


Here are a few things that I really like about Spock.

1. It allows you to take ownership of information about you or attributed to you.  

Did the Spock robot aggregate information from your MySpace profile and LinkedIn, but you don't like the goofy picture that became part of your profile?  Easy enough, create an account, and have that information removed. Other people can add content or vote about tags that are related to your profile, but in the end you can vote them down if you don't find them appropriate. 

2. If you want to know things about yourself, but you are too lazy to Google yourself.
The Spock robot constantly trawls the web to find information related to your name and tagged attributes.  When the robot has results, you can vote them down if they don't apply to you.  I found some things about myself through their robot search results that I've never found in Google or Yahoo search.  I found out that while my name is pretty unique, a relative with the same first and last name was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1848.  Who knew?  Thanks Spock!

3. One way relationship links.  
My wife likes Colin Firth.  If she had a profile on Spock she might create a link to Colin Firth with the attribute of "fan" or somesuch identifier of her love.  If someone were to look at Colin's profile, most likely created from the WikiPedia entry, there would be no back link to her profile, unless she created a secondard link.  Having symetrical link structures can be great in small amounts, but with one-way links you can have a link described by two people in different ways such as "student" and "teacher".

4. Enthusiastic Staff

You only have to be on Spock for about 30 seconds before you see that there are several Spock ambassadors spanning the world that have brought Spock into their daily (and sometimes hourly) life.  That's you Maia!

5. Cute name
I am sick of Web 2.0 phonetic soup and dig Star Trek.



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