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Polaroid is dead. Long live Poladroid

While the instant Polaroid film is becoming a thing of the past, a new application for Windows and Mac OSX called Poladroid allows you to process graphics files to get the look and feel of Polaroid film.  While you could have always done this using a host of image editing software such as Photoshop or The Gimp, this software has the sound and feel of a Polaroid.  You have the ability to watch the picture appear, to shake it, and to develop it early to get the effects that you want. 

It is prettty simple... you drag your file to the virtual camera and watch it develop.  There are a few variables you can adjust, but it is pretty basic.  As much as I like Web 2.0 applications, it is nice to have an app like this that can process images on your local machine.  The only thing that would be cooler is that if the application set the EXIF data on output file.


Step 1 - Drop it here:


Step 2 - Watch it develop.


Step 3 - All Done! (or Profit?!?!?)


The image before:


The image Poladroided:


It turns out that Fuji still manufactures compatible film in the Polaroid form factors and a version of the Holga camera, informally called the Polga or Holgaroid allow you to take pictures with the same dreamy feel as a Polaroid.



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